Notepad-LogoWorking with websites has been an interest of mine ever since middle school. I remember teaching myself how to code with HTML and CSS back on Notepad. I spent many hours learning the basics and creating little sites housed on my computer. Throughout high school, I learned some more HTML and CSS here and there. I learned about Notepad++, which made coding much nicer. I also took an intro to web programming course that used Adobe Dreamweaver.

WordPress-LogoIn college, I made several sites for classes. Some of them were made for the purpose of learning the basics of a Content Management System (CMS), learning how to put a site on the web using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or just for learning more about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP. In the summer of 2017, I purchased my first web hosting service, through, and spent some time learning cPanel and WordPress.

Some Websites I Created

  1. Ross Tanner Curry – Portfolio Website – This site was created to showcase some of my skills and experiences. The website is hosted from my web hosting server, through Namecheap's cPanel interface, using WordPress.
  2. Curry's Painting - This website was created on my server using WordPress for my dad's painting business. The site shows some of the work my dad has done in the past and the services he provides. I created an email account for him using the business name. Along with creating this website, I also updated his Google My Business account
  3. Ross Milo Curry – Noted Historian of Wisconsin Dells – This site was recreated from my grandfather’s old website. His website was down for a while (we are thinking the old web provider went out of business). I was able to find a back-door into his website and salvage the information and images for him.
  4. Salesforce Project – Contact Form – This web page was created to take a user's input from a contact form and put it in a Salesforce database. The link was successful, properly populating the Salesforce database when a user submitted the form. After submission, the Salesforce database was set up to automatically send out a customized email to the user depending on what "Interested Area" they chose on the form. This was part of my senior seminar class final project.
  5. Wanna Pizza Me - This website was created with Adobe Dreamweaver (Spring 2017) in ICT 475 Dynamic Web Technologies. This project worked with HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, and FTP. Bootstrap was used for layout and responsiveness. jQuery was used for the drag and drop pepperoni slices on the home page. MySQL was used for both the menu and the contact form. I displayed the menu items on the webpage from the database and categorized them into different sections (such as "Pizzas" or "Sandwiches"). The contact form took the user's information and put the information onto the MySQL database. In the top right corner of the website, there is a link ("ICT 475") that will take you to a page with some other practice work we did in that class.
  6. Website - This website was created using a content management system called Jimdo (Spring 2016) in ICT 103 Information & Communication Technologies. This project was for learning about a website building platform, setting up an e-commerce section, and creating a contact form.
  7. Website - This website was created using a content management system called Weebly back in high school. The site originally started with mainly just the "Calculus" tab which was part of a project I worked on with Adobe Dreamweaver. Later on, I added the content to this site. The Weebly website was my main website for many years, being added to randomly and not updated often.

Additional Website I Host

  1. HearthStone of Wisconsin - HearthStone's website was moved off of their old servers to my Namecheap server to help increase HearthStone's productivity. This offered a more cost-effective solution for their non-profit organization.
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