CK HEC (Hall Events Committee)

UWStoutAt the end of my first semester sophomore year, I got involved with the Curran Kranzusch Hall Events Committee (CK HEC – Curran and Kranzusch are the names of two connected sections of a dorm on the UW-Stout campus). HEC is a subgroup of RHA (Residence Hall Association) with their main purpose being to help improve dorm living. What HEC is better known for on the UW-Stout campus, however, is putting on events in the dorms. For my second-semester sophomore year, I was the chair of CK HEC, meaning I led the meetings and made sure events got done and were organized.

RHA-LogoSome of the events/activities I helped coordinate with the other members of the group would be a CK janitor appreciation day, Valentines gifts, hot cocoa and movie night, pie an RA (Resident Advisor) and ARC (Academic Resource Coordinator), and an end of the year combined event with TO (Tustison | Oetting - the other half of CK). Curran Kranzusch Tustison Oetting (CKTO) is one of the residence dorms on campus.

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