Badlands 2015 Summer Mission

Badlands Medora

The summer of 2015 I traveled to Medora, North Dakota with Cru on a summer mission. Cru is an interdenominational Christian organization on college campuses around the world. There were 26 students and 8 staff that went to Medora this summer. We worked 40 hours a week with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation and more than 20 hours a week with Cru. There were over 20 countries represented in the small town of Medora.

Our main goal in Medora was to build relationships with our coworkers and give them an opportunity to learn more about faith. Many of them may never have even heard accurate portrayals, if anything, of Christianity. We do not try to force our opinions on them but give them the chance to hear. ​Cru Summer Missions Tweeted that for the 2015 summer there were 183 teams plus 3,512 students that went on summer missions.

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