Having an open line of communication between an organization and an individual is critical in today's digital era. I am passionate about engaging and connecting individuals with organizations by creating or improving websites, social media presences, or other forms of communications.

I am a University of Wisconsin-Stout graduate (in May 2018) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information & Communication Technologies with minors in Web Technology and Enterprise Technology. I arrived at UW-Stout as a Game Design and Development-Computer Science student and switched to Cross-Media Graphics Management (CMGM) the beginning of my sophomore year. At the end of my junior year, my focus was on web technology. CMGM has more of a concentration on print, while ICT could be concentrated more on web technology, which is one of the main reasons why I made the switch to ICT.

Some Video and Photo Practice Work

Documentary Short

The goal of this video was to be interview driven and communicate a cohesive story. For the interview portion, a 3-point lighting setup was used. This video interviews a podcast group called Design and Debacles. (Additional details are in the video description.)

Sound Design Narrative

The goal of this video was to design a short narrative piece incorporating a deep “natural” audio soundtrack. The intent was to develop a multi-layered landscape of mixed sound that more effectively advances the narrative in addition to gaining greater technical experience in recording location audio and editing/mixing post-production techniques. (Additional details are in the video description.)

Music Driven Short

The goal of this assignment was to practice with the basics of planning shots to coordinate with a musical selection's natural structure and timing, ultimately telling a story. It was also a beginning exercise and the first opportunity to become familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro. (Additional details are in the video description.)

Compositing Exercise

This video is a shot taken with the intent of fixing/altering/replacing some stable content in it with a composited still image layer. The shot includes motion video material. The video includes a before, after, and side-by-side comparison on the starting video and the composited video. I used Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop for editing. (Additional details are in the video description.)

Slow Shutter Speed

Using a slower shutter speed can create some cool effects with moving water. The following picture was taken with these settings:
f 14.0 | 1/4 second | ISO 100The_Principles_of_Design_Emphasis

Shallow Depth of Field

Using a shallow depth of field can help viewers to focus in on a particular part of an image. This image also uses a slow shutter speed. The following picture was taken with these settings:
f 5.6 | 1/6 second | ISO 100Shallow_Depth_of_Field

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