STS (Stout Typographical Society)


STS is the Graphic Communications (Cross-Media Graphics Management - what the degree was called when I was in it) and Graphic Design and Interactive Media major-related professional student organization. I joined STS right away at the beginning of my sophomore year. I attended the weekly meetings and participated in production after the meetings.

In the spring, I attended the 73rd annual STS industry field trip touring ten different companies. I had an awesome time bonding with others in STS and meeting new people. Being able to talk face to face with employers was great. We all got to learn so much more from the industry and what options we have available to us in the future. I am glad I went on the trip and look forward to possibly being able to meet these employers again in the future. The companies we toured were:

  1. Worzalla Publishing (Stevens Point, WI)
  2. Nosco (Gurnee, IL)
  3. Lake County Press (Waukegan, IL)
  4. Palmer Printing (Chicago, IL)
  5. Doejo (Chicago, IL)
  6. Culture Studio (Chicago, IL)
  7. Packaging Personified, Inc. (Carol Stream, IL)
  8. Aronson Advertising (Schaumburg, IL)
  9. Fujifilm (Hanover Park, IL)
  10. Olympus Group (Milwaukee, WI)

In my junior year, I was one of the Production Managers for STS. As a Production Manager, I helped to oversee and delegate tasks to make sure print production in STS ran smoothly and efficiently. I attended the 74th annual STS industry field trip that year as well. The trip was a great opportunity to explore more of the industry related to Graphic Communications as well as some Digital Marketing. The companies we toured were:

  1. American Packaging (Columbus, WI)
  2. Quad Graphics (West Allis, WI)
  3. Core Creative (Milwaukee, WI)
  4. Letterhead Press Inc. (New Berlin, WI)
  5. Tempt-In-Store Productions (New Berlin, WI)
  6. Color Ink (Sussex, WI)
  7. Jonco Industries (Milwaukee, WI)
  8. Arandell Corp. (Menomonee Falls, WI)
  9. Flexo-Graphics LLC (Butler, WI)
  10. The Marek Group (Waukesha, WI)
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